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Dryness, itchiness, rash and other irritating problems are the main symptoms for PEELING SKIN which is considered as the injury and loss of epidermis (the upper layer skin). Skin consists of three layers the epidermis (the outer layer), the dermis (the middle layer) and the hypodermis (the innermost layer). The epidermis has a cycle of 28 days to replace itself. However, this cycle can be affected by the further factors such as sunburn, friction and hydration.


Therefore, peeling skin is a temporary disease whereas in some cases, there is excessive peeling skin on the face, fingers and other parts of the body. Sunburn can be the most likely cause of these excessive issues. Since the overheating may cause the outer layer dry and start to peel after a few hours overexposure under the sun. This may cause discomfort and irritated feeling however, this does not cause for worry since it will heal after a few days. In other cases, where peeling skin is triggered by an infection or reaction to certain medications. This is referred as Peeling Skin Syndrome and required a proper and soon treatment; this can lead to other disease associated with the immune system.


Thickening and flaking of the skin, itching, rashes and inflammation are common symptoms of the peeling skin. Furthermore, you must contact doctor immediately if these symptoms start to appear: constant fatigue, fever, joint and muscle pain and weight loss.

Since peeling skin is not an indication of very serious problems, why don’t you try out some home remedies which are easy, simple and environment friendly to adopt?


Aloe Vera

Known as natural moisturizer, aloe Vera eases blood flow and signifies the moisturizer level of skin. Moreover, it is also jam–packed with the antioxidant substances. Apply the aloe Vera on the affected area to speed up the healing process. While the bottle of aloe Vera works well, the fresh aloe Vera is still preferred.

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Honey is not only a tasty food, but it also brings us enormous medical advantages. It can be used to ease the dry skin as well as to quicken the healing progress. Apply honey on the affected skin and leave it for 5 – 10 mins for it to take effective. Rinse with water thoroughly.

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Cucumber is a significant and common element that can be found in thousands of hand cream or other moisturizing products since it is well – known for its dark – circle prevention as well as moisturizing factors. Grate the raw cucumber and place them on the afflicted area to reduce the irritating feeling and inhibit the dryness.

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Rich antioxidants and moisturizing attributes are the most common traits of papaya. When papaya is rubbed and mashed up on the afflicted skin, those properties can repair the wound while other moisturizing elements provide the immediate relief.

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Not only being a tasty and juicy fruit, but apple also can be used to improve the skin’s moisturiser level as well as block the hydration. Besides, with its antioxidant properties, apple is healthy to eat on a daily basis. Apply the mashed apple on the wound to heal the affected area as well as soften the skin and prevent continuous peeling.

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Olive oil

Apart from other enormous medical benefits of olive oil, it also can be useful and effective for treating peeling skin problems. Apply the olive oil on the afflicted area to heal the wound. Besides, the mixture of olive oil with lemon juice, rose water and egg yolk can be used as face pack to avoid the peeling skin not only on the face but on other parts of body as well.

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Grape seed oil

This might be the first time for quite a number of people to hear about this type of oil. This is available in the supermarket as well as the drugstores for cosmetics or for other skin care products. Grape seed oil provides a great use and has various significant and helpful elements that can avoid not only peeling skin but a variety of other skin problems as well.

It helps to eliminate the dry skin from the face and other part of body. Besides, it is also effective in removing wrinkles and sun burns.

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Coconut oil

Known to bring a great deal of uses for many purposes such as cooking, skin care, hair care, coconut oil is used to enhance the beauty of a person as well. It can be used as a massage oil to prevent the hydration of skin and can be applied to the face to remove patchy skin and dry skin problems.

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