Tips for Living a Healthy Life

Tips for Living a Healthy Life

Tips for Living a Healthy Life

Are you living a healthy life? Do you eat healthy food?  Do you take a healthy meal? Do you drink enough water a day? Do you take enough sleep every day? Do you want to stay healthy? We are going to answer all your questions.

A recent study found that smoking, drinking alcohol, not exercising and not eating enough fruits and salads can put you into the early grave. Here we are telling you some tips for living a healthy life.

Drink Enough Water

Over 70% of our body is made up of water. Most of us don’t drink enough water everyday, while water is needed for our body to remove waste, to perform different body functions and to carry oxygen around us.

Researchers say that drinking enough water helps us to fill our stomach, making us less hungry and less to overeat.

We need to drink about 2 to 3 litres of water, or about 8-10 glasses of water everyday. There is a way to find out whether you are drinking enough water or not.

Generally, your Urine is colorless or slightly yellow. If it is not, it means you not drinking enough water. Other than this symptom, dry lips or dry skin are also the symptoms of less water in your body. Now get up and drink some water before reading further.

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Don’t overeat

If you want to live a healthy life for a long time, you should eat lesser than you need to eat. If you will leave a little bit of food in your plate, it must be a good idea.

Some researches tell us that in Japan, people stop eating, when they found themselves 80%full. So if you will eat less, you will definitely get a healthy long life.

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Get proper Sleep

Research found that if you don’t get proper sleep you need, you reimburse it with eating too much which is mostly junk food. Lack of sleep also generate immaturity, which you never want. So take proper rest for a healthy life.

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Hangout more often

If you have regular 8 hours office job like 9-5 or 10-6 and you also spend much time in the office, so you are losing your health. You should go out with your family, friends or colleagues for fun.

On weekends, go on a picnic with family or friends. So go out and change your environment. It is very good for your health as well as soul.

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Drink fruits or veg Smoothies

I think everyone likes smoothies. We get vitamins and nutrients from it. It gets ready simply in 2 minutes into the blender. I advise to use a blender for fruits,instead of a juicer, because juicer removes the fiber of the fruits and removed fiber creates sugar spikes in your body, which is unhealthy for your body.

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Avoid second hand smoking 

If you have smoking habit, first you should leave it. If you are unable to do it, then avoid passive smoking with friends or colleagues. Breathing in air from smokers causes many long-term diseases.

So get away from the passive smokers and avoid smoking where you can.

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Say NO

If you are in any restaurant or at friend’s home and your friends are pressurizing you to eat more. So simple say NO, while you feel that you are not hungry anymore. It will also help you to live a healthy life.

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Final :- What do you think? Are these tips helpful for you? Which one is most appropriate for you right now? These tips are not time consuming, so bookmark this article into your life and also share with your family and friends to stay healthy.

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