side effects of contraceptive pills

Side Effects of Contraceptive Pills You must be aware of

Side Effects of Contraceptive Pills You must be Aware of

The Contraceptive Pills are also known as ‘Birth-Control Pills’. These pills are taken by women just to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Many of the women are taking these pills just to make their love lives simple. Here are many side effects of Contraceptive Pills, you must not be aware of.

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Here are the side effects in detail below –

These side effects are categorized under 2 –

  1. Short term side effects
  2. Long term side effects

Short Term Side Effect are –

Nausea – Some of the women suffer with Nausea, when they take the pill first time. These symptoms wane in a very short period. If you take the pill at bedtime or with the food, it will minimize the possibilities of Nausea.

Breast Enlargement – Contraceptive Pills may also cause breast tenderness or enlargement. But this side effect improves in few weeks. But if you find swelling or pain in the breast, you should visit the Doctor. To decrease breast tenderness, you can take caffeine and salt, also wear a supportive bra.

Changes in Contact Lenses – Sometimes hormones change due to use of birth control pills. It can affect your retina, which can cause the swelling of corneas. When corneas swell, contact lenses can not fit comfortably. If you are wearing contact lenses and also you started to take the pill, you should consult to your ophthalmologist.

Vaginal Discharge – Some of the women suffer with vaginal discharge when taking the pill. These changes can also affect sexual intercourse. This discharge can increase or decrease in vaginal lubrication. Although, this change is not harmful. But if anyone is worried about these changes or who have doubt of infection, should contact with the Doctor.  

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Some side effects are long term, which can not be treated without medical treatment.

Long term side effects are –

Migraine – These contraceptive pills may have an impact on the migraine. The Pills may affect several headache symptoms. Mostly headache occurs due to the use of pills which consist low dose of hormones. These headache symptoms may increase and grow into Migraine. If you suffer with headache when you taking the pill, you should consult with your Doctor.

Missed Periods – When you start to take the pill, you may miss or skip your periods. It may causes many factors such as illness, stress, travel or thyroid. If you missed your periods or are very light when you took pill, you should recommend a pregnancy test first. If again the periods are missed, you need to take advice or visit the Doctor.

Breakthrough Bleeding – More than 50% of women using the pill, suffer with Vaginal Bleeding, which is also called Breakthrough Bleeding. It occurs mostly in the first 3 months of beginning to use the pill. The Pill is still very effective if you have taken it properly and didn’t miss any dose. If you are taking pills, and still you are heavily bleeding for more than 5 days, you should contact a professional to take advice. It may occur due to adjustment of several levels of hormones in the body.

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These above are the side effects of Contraceptive Pills. More use of Birth Control Pills may cause of many diseases. It also increase the risk of Cellulite. Take advice from a professional before using the pill.



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