Easy steps to lose weight

Easy steps to lose weight

Easy steps to lose weight

Increasing weight is a major problem. Everyone finds easy steps to lose weight as soon as possible, especially women. But due to today’s busy life, nobody can take out time to lose weight. Thereby, weight is increasing day by day. But trust me ladies, Once you decrease your weight, you will look gorgeous. On the other hand, no well-fitted dress will suit you best. But you may know, which dress would suit you best according to your size.

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To lose weight, you will have to take some reforms in your habits and will do work according to the given steps to lose weight:

1) Green Tea:- Some people are habitual of bed tea. This is not a bad habit but it will become more better if you take green tea instead of milk tea.  If you will drink green tea regularly, you will drop the extra fat in your body. From the recent studies found, that 3-5 cups of green tea can lose 40% of your fat.

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2) Exercise:- You should wake up early in the morning, and walk 10-15 minutes on terrace or in balcony. With the help of 30 minutes exercise daily, one can lose 3 times weight.

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3) Drink more Water:- Doctors advise that we should drink more water to stay fit and healthy. Drinking more water helps you in losing extra fat in your body. If we drink less water than requirement, so our kidneys pass their incomplete work to Lever. Due to which, the fat increases in your body. So don’t be hesitate, while drink water and drink water as more as you can.

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4) Do your work yourself:- If you want to lose your weight quickly, so please change one more habit. Do your all work yourself either it is easy or hard to do. For example: To go to supermarket to buy vegetables or any other household things or to ascend the stairs in your office, please try to do these work with the help of your body. Don’t use bike, scooter or lift.

5) Take proper sleep:- By taking proper sleep, body remains fresh and weight also remains under control. You should neither take sleep more than 8 hours nor less than 6 hours. In the recent research scientists found that by taking 8 hours sleep, you can lose your weight quickly.

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6) Vegetables’ juice:- If you will take vegetables’ juice before the meal, so it will become your starvation diet and you will escape from the extra food. Therefore, you should take vegetables’ juice or soup before the meal.

7) Breakfast manner:- You should take almonds, Porridge and brown bread in your breakfast. These edible things contain a great quantity of carbohydrate, which keeps the body’s fat under control.

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8) Sitting manner:- Don’t sit on a same chair or in the same bed for a long time, it will increase fat in your body and the people who sits on a same place for long time, chased by the fat. So change your sit after every two to three minutes in an hour.

9) Eat protein rich food:- You should add protein in your meal, because protein provides your body energy. Everybody should take 50 gm. of protein daily in their diet. The things contain protein are pulse, eggs, chicken and fish.

10) Use less Sugar:- More quantity of sugar is dangerous for our body. The more quantity of sugar causes Diabetes and fat. If you use less sugar in your meal, you will definitely get some good results. We usually eat cake, pastries, chocolates etc as a desert, which increases our body fat. If you like sweets, so you can fruit juice instead of any desert.

11) Take dinner on time:- Mostly people lie down on the bed after taking dinner, which is a bad habit. It increases your body fat. So take your dinner as soon as possible and then walk for at least 200 steps.

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12) Workout:- You don’t need to do apply any hard and fast rules to decrease your fat. You should play some games or easy gymnast like cycling, hopscotch, jogging etc. Apply these exercises in your routine for at least 20 minutes in  day.

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Note : If you try these easy steps to lose weight, your weight will start decreasing definitely.

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