Dangers of wearing Tight Clothes

Dangers of Wearing Tight Clothes

Dangers of Wearing Tight Clothes

Mostly girls love to wear tight clothes like jeans, leggings which are harmful for their health. Although, Jeans may look stylish but tight clothing can be cause of health issues. Wearing tight clothes is a not good for your health and we need to avoid this bad habit, if we love ourselves. Every girl wants an impressive look with these tight and stylish outfits. We never understand the dangers of wearing tight clothes. These highly tight and fitted outfits may look gorgeous on us, but we never try to know the what will be the impacts of these tight clothes. Here we are describing the dangers of wearing tight clothes –

Risk of Cellulite

Tight clothes can be cause of Cellulite. It generally shows the symptoms of Cellulite. These tight clothes diminish the blood flow and increase the growth of fat buds in the thighs.

Back Pain

Wearing Tight Clothes is also a cause of Pelvic Pain. These tight clothes restrain the movements of your muscles and your vertebrae starts working harder than usual. Your buttocks become squeeze and unable in carrying weight of the body. Also, these tight clothes take the freedom of motion and you suffer with aches and itching.

Slow Digestion 

If you wear tight clothes, it would not allow you to expand your abdominal area when you eat or after eating. When we take meal, our stomach expands through digestion system. But if you wear tight clothes, you may suffer with acid, indigestion and reflux.  It may also cause of abdominal swelling, intestinal pain and constipation.


Wearing tight clothes also create problem of bad odors in the genital areas. Nylon or Lycra fabric are not good for body, they also create many types of bacteria.

Yeast Infection

This infection is the most common skin infection. Yeast infection develops on particular areas, which are wet and hot areas of our body. It starts with itching and blemish sensation on the skin and is also very painful. The reason behind Yeast Infection is also wearing tight clothes because it restricts the circulation of blood and air in the body and increase the risk of Yeast.  

Abdominal Pain

If we wear tight clothes, these dresses pin to our stomach. These dresses make pressure on the stomach. This pressure in turns become the cause of abdominal pain. So you should never wear very tight dresses or belts which put pressure on the stomach.

Clothes which harm your body

  1. Skinny Jeans – Skinny tight jeans can shrink the nerves in the legs and reduce blood flow. It also lead to swelling, muscle damage and numbness.
  2. Underwire Bras – Your bra’s underwire is made up of Nickel. Change your bra with underwire to defend yourself. You can paint (with nail polish) bra strap hardware, if there is itching.
  3. Leggings Leggings are the tighter clothing. When you wear it, it rubs on the skin. It picks up sweat in the movement.
  4. Bathing Suits – Moist bathing Suits can develop the risk of yeast and bacteria to boom.
  5. High Heels – If you wear high heels, even once in a week or few times in a years. It can lead to ankle muscle’s injury.
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